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Promote your Business Online

Hanap.com makes it easy for thousands of daily customers to find your business locally or online.

Searching and browsing for products and services by and for the Filipino community has never been easier. At HANAP.COM we help buyers find Filipino products and supplies quickly and efficiently through our online business classified directory using a robust eCommerce technology platform.

We help both large and small businesses alike get higher visibility. We also give suppliers the tools and technology they need to successfully reach customers both locally and abroad. Using online marketing tools, affiliate marketing, event announcements and exchange deals we help manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, wholesalers get higher visibility and more global reach for their products and services.

Submitting and managing ads is simple. In just a few clicks your ads will be ready. You can manage you ads using either our admin or user-side feature.

If you are a local business you can easily manage (update, modify, extend, delete) your ads by yourself.



Per Package

  • icon-cross Duration : 365 days
  • icon-checkMax. Listings : 3
  • icon-check Map Display
  • icon-check Contact Display
  • icon-check Image Gallery
  • icon-check Video
  • icon-check Business Tagline
  • icon-check Location
  • icon-check Website
  • icon-check Social Links
  • icon-check FAQ
  • icon-check Price Range
  • icon-check Tags/Keywords
  • icon-check Business Hours


Per Listing

  • icon-cross Duration : 90 days
  • icon-check Map Display
  • icon-check Contact Display
  • icon-check Image Gallery
  • icon-cross Video
  • icon-cross Business Tagline
  • icon-check Location
  • icon-check Website
  • icon-cross Social Links
  • icon-cross FAQ
  • icon-cross Price Range
  • icon-cross Tags/Keywords
  • icon-check Business Hours
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